FitScape is an Irish Owned Business that Wants to Help People Achieve their Health and Fitness Goals with Passionate and Qualified Personal Trainers.

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As you get started with FitScape, you’ll be asked to complete a short online consultation so that we can match you to the right trainer. We’ll ask you about your fitness goals, workout experience, how much time you have to exercise, what equipment you have access to (at home or in the gym), dietary preferences, and more. We’ll use this information to match you to one of our FitScape trainers who is perfectly suited to help you reach your goals.

You might get demotivated. We won't.
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Despite being based in Ireland, fitness is a goal all over the world which is reflected in our clientele.


You'll want to take plenty of "before" photos as you won't recognize yourself. Results guaranteed.

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Our prices are unmatched. In fact if you find someone who offers a service we offer for a lower price, we'll match it.


Confidentiality is very important here at FitScape. You will also only be contacted by our trainers in a manner that suits you.

Tired of getting mediocre results in the gym?

You’ve tried “confusing your muscles” with different workout routines, eliminating bread and pasta from your diet, taking fat burners that make your heart race… but no matter what you do, nothing seems to work the way you need it to. Of course, you’re not alone. The sad truth is that even after months of consistently working out, most people have little to show for it.

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Just some of our reviews.


Gained 10kgs of muscle in 3 months

Needed something that fit into my 9-5 and got me motivated. Perfect.


Loved the availability and accountability of my coach who was the whole reason I was able to lose all this weight.


Lost 15kgs in 4 months


Gained Muscle

Felt confident in my coach from the very first message. Planned everything and that allowed my to just focus on putting on the muscle.

Our Clients

We find a way to fit into your life no matter the circumstances. Our trainers have plenty of experience of how life gets in the way so each trainer is available on each of the following apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please fill out a form if you have any more questions

What do FitScape coaches do 1 on 1?

Your online personal trainer will develop a fully customized workout and nutrition plan – based on your goals and preferences – that will show you exactly what to do to get results quickly. This means no more guesswork about which exercises to do or what kind of diet you should follow. Just stick to your plan and get results.

How much contact do I get with my coach?

Your online personal trainer will check in with you regularly and make adjustments to your fitness plan to keep you on track to reaching your goals. Contact hours vary by plan but whenever you have a question or need support, your trainer will be there to point you in the right direction.

How will this time be any different?

For decades, the fitness industry has overloaded you with conflicting information about building muscle and losing fat, leaving you dazed and confused in a sea of ineffective workouts, unrealistic diets, and sketchy supplements. Luckily for you we are in 2022 and our experts are qualified in the most modern and effective training methods which produce results. Our trainers are highly motivated and thrive to help people reach their goals. We at FitScape want each person to feel valued and know that there trainer is 100% focused on them.

How long until I see results?

FitScape workouts are based on a mastery of foundational strength training exercises, with a focus on continuous improvement week after week. Within just a few weeks of working with your FitScape coach, you’ll find yourself getting stronger, looking better, and feeling confident that the work you’re putting into your training plan is translating into real, visible results.